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The Center is an independent unit within the university structure, and the director reports directly to the USU provost. Its mission is fourfold:
  1. to deepen scholarly understanding of the interactions between cognition, instruction, and disciplinary knowledge within and across STEM disciplines through discovery of robust principles supported by data, creation of models for effective practices, and facilitation of productive change in educational practices used to prepare future members of the STEM workforce from childhood through postgraduate and professional training;
  2. to provide an interdisciplinary environment for students, faculty, and STEM professionals to work collaboratively towards improving the success of learners navigating the STEM pipeline by crossing traditional boundaries of primary, secondary, postsecondary, and workplace education;
  3. to provide thorough evaluation of STEM interventions and educational practices through intensive analyses of data informed by a deep understanding of issues specific to the STEM disciplines and STEM education; and
  4. to develop assessments, instructional materials, and training that disseminate best practices supported by robust evidence of effectiveness.


  • Increase the number and quality of STEM Educators and STEM professionals in the region and country
  • Conduct innovative research and development on computing and communication technologies in STEM Education
  • Increase the number of students entering and continuing through STEM career pathways
  • Study and report on new knowledge about STEM Education
  • Develop and Implement institutional partnerships that support exemplary practices and policies in STEM Education

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2016 BSEF

Bridgerland 2016 Science and Engineering Fair

The event will be held on February 27th, 2016, at the USU Eccles Conference Center, in Logan. We invite schools to participate.