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The STE²M Center shapes policy and facilitates collaboration across the public and private sectors through the collection and analysis of data-driven evidence to improve STEM education and workforce ?development in the state of Utah.
To accomplish this mission, the Center employs four full-time staff members in addition to graduate research assistants, visiting scholars, and part-time faculty and staff with responsibilities allocated across units within the larger university structure. These individuals are housed within 5,000 square feet of individual office and collaborative space on the flagship campus in Logan, Utah. Center operations are funded through the support of the USU Board of Trustees and the USU President’s Office. The Center is an independent unit within the university structure, and the director reports directly to the USU provost.
In support of USU faculty engaged in STEM education and workforce development efforts, the Center has collaborated on ~$45.5 million in federal, state, and private grant proposals since 2013. This represents efforts with 29 departments and research centers across 6 colleges within the university, as well as Utah’s Informal Science Education Enhancement partnership, the University of Utah, Granite School District, and others. Current awards total ~$3.5 million in grants and contracts


  • Increase the number and quality of STEM Educators and STEM professionals in the region and country
  • Conduct innovative research and development on computing and communication technologies in STEM Education
  • Increase the number of students entering and continuing through STEM career pathways
  • Study and report on new knowledge about STEM Education
  • Develop and Implement institutional partnerships that support exemplary practices and policies in STEM Education

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